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The Gold Collar Investor

Sep 14, 2020

Our guest is a well-known motivational speaker and founder of the Boron Capital. He is also the author of the best-selling book “The Solomon Way.” The book has helped countless people achieve the financial independence they have been looking for and more.

In this episode, Blake Templeton shared how he used a thousand-year-old strategy King Solomon has used to accumulate massive wealth. The principle still rings true today despite the pandemic that has hindered million-dollar industries from thriving.

If you want to know how to accumulate financial freedom and wealth and discover your God-driven purpose, this episode is for you!


"Nothing did well when all your money was built on the past or built on an abstract future."

Timestamped Shownotes:

  • 01:23 - Introduction
  • 02:45 - How he got into the business
  • 07:12 - High-reward low-risk guarantee
  • 09:26 - All about 3D Investment
  • 10:13 - Changes in the time of COVID-19
  • 21:56 - On changing his strategy
  • 25:17 - How he leaned outside Wall Street
  • 26:43 - Fears outside Wall Street
  • 27:55 - Investment that didn’t work
  • 30:37 - Advice to aspiring investors
  • 36:19 - How to get a copy of his book

3 Key Points:

1. Knowledge alone is not enough to build a sustainable source of wealth -asking God for wisdom is just as vital.

2. Acquiring wealth for oneself is not what makes it meaningful because it is meant to be shared.

3. Utilize a strategy that eliminates as many risks as possible to guarantee incoming cash flow.

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