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The Gold Collar Investor

Aug 31, 2020

In today’s show, Pancham interviews Tyler Chesser. Tyler is a successful real estate entrepreneur and a personal growth leader. He is a co-founder of CF Capital and the creator and host of Elevate Podcast.

A seeker of wisdom and knowledge, Tyler discusses on today’s show on how there are no borders to success when you combine effective real-estate investing and continuous personal improvement.

Additionally, he shared his personal stories that could help the audience be inspired to take a leap in business. If you felt the need to take the next big step but not sure how, this show is definitely for you!

Tune in to this show and enjoy!


“When you shift and you’re investing more mainstream, you’ve got to surround yourself with the right people. And I think, also, you got to be humble. One of the things is that I was not humble enough. I didn’t want people to know how little I knew so I wasn’t willing to ask the questions that I vitally needed to ask. So I would say when you’re starting, know your humility and be willing to ask questions.”

Timestamped Shownotes

  • 3:43 – Pancham welcomes Tyler to the show
  • 4:20 – Tyler’s background information
  • 4:55 – How did Tyler took the leap into real estate?
  • 8:15 – When did Tyler feel the need to switch gears to real estate and do something different?
  • 11:39 – How did Tyler seek guidance on real estate?
  • 13:29 – As his businesses are rising, where does Tyler focus his businesses now?
  • 15:48 – How did the pandemic changed Tyler’s strategy? What did he change?
  • 21:07 – Why did Tyler started the Elevate Podcast? What was the thought process behind it?
  •  23:42 – What is the Elevate Podcast all about?
  •  25:00 – What is Tyler’s routine and how has it attributed to his success?
  • 30:48 – Taking the Leap Round
  •  30:48 – When was the first time Tyler invested outside the Wall Street?
  • 31:32 – What fears did Tyler have to overcome when he first invested outside the Wall Street?
  • 32:16 – Can you share one investment that did not go as expected?
  • 34:30 – What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is investing in the Main Street?
  • 36:45 – Tyler shares his contact information

3 Key Points

  1.       Understanding what real-estate investing really is
  2.       Why you should surround yourself with the right people
  3.       Importance on the balance between personal growth and real-estate investing

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