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The Gold Collar Investor

Jul 5, 2021

In today’s show, Pancham interviews Kevin Galang - note investor, Senior Technical Specialist at Microsoft, and host of the Tech Guys Who Invest Podcast and The Note Nuggets Podcast.

Living the American dream is far more than what he imagined when he and his family migrated to the US. He thought a corporate job and having a 401k plan is enough when he realized that generating other income streams and taking control of your own financial success is the way to go!

From discovering his niche in investing in mortgage notes, he continues to share his passion to educate other aspiring investors and make other’s debt into their income! In this episode, Kevin will also share everything that you need to know about note investing. From the overview of note investing, its benefits, and to its red flags, this episode is surely jam-packed with golden nuggets!

Listen and enjoy the show!



“You can become the bank and own somebody’s mortgage and you get all the benefits a bank does but you don't have to worry about headaches a landlord has.”

Timestamped Shownotes:

  • 0:41 - Pancham introduces Kevin to the show
  • 2:36 - How an argument with his girlfriend got him into investing
  • 8:51 - Pros and cons to look out for when investing in notes
  • 14:46 - 3 main ways to get a head start in your note investing career
  • 17:30 - How to pick the ideal note investment for you (and things that you should consider!)
  • 22:28 - On investing in a niche market to stand out from others
  • 24:27 - On his achievements and what he wants to accomplish next
  • 28:13 - His unique morning routine that helps him focus for the whole day
  • 31:39 - Taking the Leap Round
  • 31:39 - His first investment outside of Wall Street
  • 33:19 - Overcoming his fears of uncertainty
  • 34:13 - Lessons learned from his investment that didn’t work out
  • 35:21 - How small investing decisions can make a huge impact
  • 36:08 - Where you can get a copy of his reports and eBook

3 Key Points:

  1. Note investing has a lot of benefits but it can be also seen as tax-burdening since it can be considered as a depreciation asset.
  2. Network with other note investors, either virtually or in-person, so you can have a better idea and have access to information on how it works.
  3. Figure out the type of note investor that you would want to be so you would know what kind of notes you would invest in.

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