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The Gold Collar Investor

Nov 4, 2019

In this episode, Pancham interviews John and Geetika of Casmon Capital Group. John and Geetika reveal how they built up their real estate business by doing a house hack as their first active real estate investment and why it's the best first investment for someone who is starting out.

This show starts off with John and Casmon sharing their background information. John, previously employed with GM motors and Geetika, a consultant with a large accounting firm have successfully managed to make the transition to real estate investing.

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How did John and Geetika manage their transition? You will learn why a house hack is possibly the best option for first time investors. The Casmons share their experience and reveal why a house hack makes sense – both financially and lifestyle-wise.

You will also learn some little-known nuances of FHA financing that you might not be aware of. Can you really finance a property worth thousands of dollars by putting in a miniscule amount of money as down payment? Tune in to find out!