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The Gold Collar Investor

Jul 11, 2022

In today’s show, Pancham interviews Bryan Underwood - a founding principal of Responsible Residential and president of Responsible Real Estate, Inc.

From learning the language of real estate to getting involved in his family-owned real estate business and finally starting Responsible Real Estate, Bryan is the epitome of growth as he constantly works to reach his full potential! Today, he closely works with the construction and development department and has been working in bigger deals.

In this episode, get inspired as Bryan shares how he took the leap from working with his family to launching his companies and venturing from self-storage investments to housing developments. Learn about his mindset as he tells us why he chose to unlock his potential than living in a security blanket!

Listen and enjoy the show!



“One of the things that you will learn about me is that I'm always in pursuit of growth, whether that's personal or professional, and is one of the reasons why I like real estate because there's a lot of new things to learn all the time.”

Timestamped Shownotes:

  • 0:37 - Pancham introduces Bryan to the show
  • 2:07 - Starting his journey through a family-owned real estate business
  • 10:43 - Taking an unlimited risk by building his own business
  • 13:21 - On prioritizing growth and shifting from self-storage to housing
  • 22:18 - Why he chose to specialize in home building development
  • 25:17 - What’s next for Bryan and his future investments
  • 29:31 - Taking the Leap Round
  • 29:31 - Industrial building as his first investment outside of Wall Street
  • 29:40 - Overcoming his investment fear of losing money
  • 31:03 - Why pursuing investment deals would always go unexpected
  • 33:28 - Pieces of advice to jumpstart your investing journey
  • 35:42 - How you can connect with Bryan

3 Key Points:

  1. Ask yourself first if you’re willing to give up security that doesn’t have much potential to venture into something that has unlimited risks but has the ultimate growth.
  2. Identify what kind of investment strategy would you want to associate yourself with and make a plan from there.
  3. There would be a lot of risks in terms of housing development that’s why it’s important to continuously test out the business model.

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