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The Gold Collar Investor

Apr 18, 2022

In today’s show, Pancham interviews Billy Keels - long-distance real estate investor, host of The Going Long Podcast, and founder of KeePon Cashflow.

Who would’ve thought that you can invest in the U.S. while being able to live your life in Europe? Billy has proven that it is indeed possible! Now, he is on a mission to help others establish new options for their lives so that they can live comfortably without worrying about unexpected work schedules and be able to spend more time doing things that they love most!

In this episode, learn new things about long-distance real estate investing as he shares how he got started investing outside of the country and what you’ll need to get started! Get inspired as he discusses the mindset that led to his transition from a successful corporate employee to investing passively in different asset classes!

Listen and enjoy the show!



“I decided I needed to do something else and I started to take my own life into my hands by investing in a number of different real assets, real estate being one of them.”

Timestamped Shownotes:

  • 0:42 - Pancham introduces Billy to the show
  • 4:09 - From working in the corporate world to thriving in real estate investing
  • 8:35 - Leading factors that motivate him to get started in investing
  • 13:41 - On finally being able to control his own time and finances
  • 21:59 - How he was able to successfully invest passively outside of the country
  • 27:35 - Surrounding yourself with experts and being able to learn from them
  • 33:35 - His morning routine and how it help in achieving success
  • 35:32 - Taking the Leap Round
  • 35:32 - His 1st duplex investment outside of Wall Street
  • 36:43 - Turning long-distance investing from his weakness to being his strengths
  • 37:39 - Why his stock market investment didn’t work out as expected
  • 40:04 - Simple formula to follow when you first start investing
  • 40:44 - How you can connect with Billy

3 Key Points:

  1. Real estate investing could helped in building a lifestyle that would allow you to have freedom and be able to live wherever and however you want to without limits.
  2. When doing long-distance investing, it’s better to invest passively as it would require less time from you but would still have big returns.
  3. The most critical part to think of as a long-distance investor is having a team that you trust and could align with your goals so that it would be easier to look for investments. 

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