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The Gold Collar Investor

Jan 18, 2021

In today’s show, Pancham interviews Ken McElroy - real estate investment expert, syndicator, rich dad advisor, educator, and author of Return to Orchard Canyon, and my role model.

Ken McElroy has been in the investing industry for three decades. With his years of investing experience, he already has 250 employees, a development, construction, property management, and utility company. He also owned about a billion-dollar worth of investments - a true entrepreneur indeed!

In this episode, grasp the current state of the economy as Ken shares the possible supply and demand issue, massive disruptions from migration patterns, and the debt deflation in real estate investing from his point of view.

He will also share his passion for educating investors through his Youtube channel and with his self-written books (that my 9-year old son can read!) so you can’t miss this episode!


“The journey’s all started from one 2-bedroom 2-bath that just cash flowed $120 a month and the rest has just been a massive learning process.”

Timestamped Shownotes:

  • 1:19 - Pancham introduces Ken to the show
  • 2:27 - How his real estate journey started from one 2-bedroom 2-bath unit
  • 6:56 - How the migration patterns will impact rentals
  • 12:36 - Trying to stop debt deflation through inflation
  • 16:34 - His thoughts on supply and demand in real estate investing 
  • 24:20 - Reinvesting back to education through his Youtube channel
  • 28:41 - His purpose of writing Return to Orchard Canyon (and why you should get your copy!)
  • 31:42 - His fundamentals in getting deals
  • 36:27 - How gratitude, meditation, and prioritizing health helps with his success
  • 41:25 - Taking the Leap Round
  • 41:25 - His first investments outside of Wall Street
  • 43:02 - His concerns whenever he is investing
  • 44:15 - Why his 300-unit apartment building investment didn’t go as expected
  • 47:05 - Why you should have multiple income streams
  • 49:31 - Ken’s contact information

3 Key Points:

  1. The migration patterns will affect the supply and demand of rentals which would massively impact some areas. 
  2. The government will keep trying to reduce their overall debt by inflation which would affect the economy. 
  3. Real estate investing is a good strategy for cash flow and long-term wealth building.

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