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The Gold Collar Investor

Dec 21, 2020

In today’s show, Pancham interviews Adam A Adams - multifamily investor, founder of BlueSpruce Holdings, and host of the Apartment Investing Show.

After taking a leap in real estate investing, Adam didn’t take long before it became his full-time passion. With what he learned from his different ventures, he has been helping people launch podcasts, manage apartments, and has been increasing his company’s brand to grow as one of the top syndication teams.

A three-time Hall of Fame winner from RE Mentor, top MeetUp organizers in the world, and the “Master Investor” by Think Realty magazine - you’ll see why he is the perfect investor to hear tips and advice from!

In this episode, you’ll see why he was awarded as the Master Investor. He discusses how his career started from the game “Cashflow” and a gift from his stepdad. He also shares his experience from vetting out sponsors that will surely help with your investment decisions!

Want to know vetting out techniques that will certainly help you find the right sponsors? Listen until the end of the episode!



“We’ve really started to figure out that there are 3 major things that you gotta be looking at (when vetting out sponsors) and some people miss them.”

Timestamped Shownotes:

  • 3:34 – Pancham introduces Adam to the show
  • 5:05 - How the game “Cashflow” and his stepfather’s gift made him invest in real estate
  • 12:54 - Emotions he had when he received “Master Investor”
  • 17:51 - How he started with vetting out sponsors
  • 24:04 - 3 things to look at when vetting out the management team
  • 35:48 - How gratitude, workouts, and intermittent fasting attributed to his success
  • 40:15 - Taking the Leap Round
  • 40:15 - His first investment outside Wall Street
  • 40:26 - Questions he had with his first investment
  • 41:50 - His investment that didn't work out
  • 45:50 - Why you should get your free report to learn to vet out sponsors

3 Key Points:

  1. Always pour your heart out into your work and all the hard work will always be awarded.
  2. Real estate investments are the route to have high cashflow when it comes to investing.
  3. The management team is the most critical aspect when vetting out sponsors so always trust your gut first before anything else.

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