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The Gold Collar Investor

Oct 19, 2020

In today’s show, Pancham interviews William Rhind, an expert on ETFs. William is the founder and CEO of GraniteShares, a firm that offers simple cost-effective access to differentiated investments. Realizing his passion to help ETF investors gain access to affordable investments, he left his high-paying job and built GraniteShares. 

Through his hardwork and dedication, GraniteShares was recognized as New ETF Issuer of the Year at the 2017 Awards and the Best New Smart Beta ETF Award for GraniteShares XOUT U.S. Large Cap ETF last 2019 Awards.

In this episode, William shared everything he knows about ETFs investments. He will also guide us so we can understand how the process of investing works and how these ETFs can help build your portfolio. If you want to know more about ETF investing, this episode is for you!



“That’s always important to me, personally, to have gold as part of our investment offering because I always felt like; you know I always believe in gold, I felt like gold should be part of our portfolio.”

Timestamped Shownotes:

  • 1:48 – Pancham introduces William to the show
  • 2:56 – Why he build GraniteShares and how he innovated the business
  • 7:08 – What makes GraniteShares Gold Trust BAR different from GLD ETFs
  • 11:11 - His pricing strategy on expense ratios
  • 13:19 – Overview on GraniteShares XOUT U.S. Large Cap ETF
  • 17:37 – Importance of transparency for ETF investors
  • 21:05 – How he manages their ETFs investments
  • 28:51 – Positive changes in his business amidst COVID-19
  • 32:08 – All about GraniteShares Platinum Trust
  • 34:43 – His everyday routine that has helped with his success
  • 38:06 – His first investment outside Wall Street
  • 38:45 – Fears he overcame when he started GraniteShares
  • 41:23 – One investment that didn’t go as expected
  • 44:15 – Advice to people who wants to invest in ETFs
  • 45:50 – William’s contact information


3 Key Points:

  1. Understanding how different ETFs investment works
  2. Innovation of GraniteShares on their investment offers
  3. What to look out for investing in ETFs


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