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The Gold Collar Investor

Sep 28, 2020

In today’s show, Pancham interviewed Josh McCallen, a business turnaround expert. Josh owns Renault Winery Resort and Golf and investment firms Accountable Equity and VIVÂMEE Hospitality.

An all-around entrepreneur, Josh takes distressed hospitality resort assets and turns them into wealth. The businesses he's running are now massive successes. Renault Winery Resort and Golf even ranked at 7 on TripAdvisor Top 25 Hotels last 2016 and 2017!

In this episode, Josh revealed his personal stories and the lessons he has learned. He also shared how he manages his businesses successfully, the values that has helped him in his business, and how he developed his love for the service.

So many gold nuggets in this episode, so please don’t miss it!



“Here’s the other secret, Pancham. At the end of the day, the bankers looked at my NOI, just like they do for you. And if we’re buying a distressed asset that has minimum pennies or a dollar, I don’t know what maybe break-even, and within 2 years have $2million or more on the NOI, that building just astronomically grew in value.”

Timestamped Shownotes:

  • 02:34 – Pancham introduces Josh to the show
  • 04:32 – Josh’s background information and how he got into investing
  • 08:58 – Why VIVÂMEE gained many recognitions
  • 11:37 – Josh compliments Pancham’s podcast
  • 12:11 – How much Josh earns in VIVÂMEE
  • 17:02 – How much change in cost does his businesses have now
  • 19:35 – Where Josh generates his profits and what his pricing strategy is
  • 23:02 – What makes his businesses different to others
  • 24:24 – Positive and negative impacts of the pandemic to his business
  • 29:00 – Josh’s morning routine
  • 33:27 – Taking the Leap round
  • 33:27 – The first time he invested outside Wall Street
  • 33:56 – Fears he overcame when he first invested outside Wall Street
  • 34:40 – One investment that did not go as expected
  • 39:25 – One piece of advice he would give to someone who wants to invest in the Main Street
  • 41:19 – Josh’s contact information


3 Key Points:

  1. Key indicators that helps investments succeed
  2. Importance of commitment and passion to business
  3. Major differences of his businesses compared to others


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