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The Gold Collar Investor

Apr 6, 2020

In today’s show, we are joined by Rod Zabriskie and Ben of the Gold Collar Investor Banking team to discuss an investment strategy that is particularly relevant right now in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Today we talk about investing in life insurance.

We start this show by discussing the different kinds of life insurance policies. You will learn that not all policies are structured in the same way. Did you know that a properly structured policy can earn you guaranteed returns of 4% and above in these turbulent times? 

Also known as “Gold Collar Investor Banking”, investing in life insurance is safer than keeping your money in a bank. This show will be particularly interesting for investors looking for some good capital preservation strategies.

Tune in for some excellent insights! 

Timestamped Shownotes:

  • 00:35 - How has the coronavirus impacted economic activity and businesses across the world
  • 01:41 - How are you managing your financial planning during these trying times?
  • 02:38 - Which investment has survived pandemics and even the world wars and the Great Depression?
  • 03:53 - Pancham welcomes Rod and Ben to the show
  • 05:20 - What is term insurance?
  • 06:14 - What is whole life insurance, and how are the premiums structured?
  • 09:26 - What is universal life insurance? What are some cons of investing in a universal life insurance policy?
  • 13:07 - What is the guaranteed minimum rate for a whole life insurance policy?
  • 14:46 - Are returns earned completely tax-free?
  • 15:17 - Have insurance companies been consistent in paying dividends?
  • 17:06 - How can insurance company afford to pay higher returns compared to banks?
  • 19:10 - Do insurance companies invest in real estate?
  • 20:23 - Red flags to watch out for when investing in a whole life insurance policy
  • 22:45 - Can you generate good cash flow by investing in a whole life insurance policy?
  • 27:50 - Pancham shares his own experience of investing in life insurance
  • 29:07 - Should you work with an insurance agent?
  • 30:05 - Are insurance companies safer than banks?
  • 33:03 - How you can make your money work into two different places by taking a loan against your life insurance policy 
  • 35:41 - What is direct recognition?
  • 37:14 - Common riders that you can consider adding to your insurance policy
  • 43:05 - Pancham sums up the many benefits of "Gold Collar Investor Banking"
  • 45:10 - Taking the Leap Round
  • 45:29 - When was the first time you investing outside of the Wall Street?
  • 47:28 - Can you shared one investment that did not go as expected?
  • 49:09 - What is one piece of advice that you would give to people who are thinking of investing on the Main Street?
  • 50:13 – Rob and Ben share their contact information
  • 51:13 – Wish to learn more about gold collar investor banking? Sign up for our forthcoming webinar

3 Key Points:

  1. How investing in life insurance can earn you guaranteed returns of 4% and above
  2. Common riders that you can consider adding to a life insurance policy
  3. How can life insurance companies afford to pay you higher returns than banks?

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