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The Gold Collar Investor

Mar 9, 2020

Pancham interviews Dave Van Horn, CEO & Founder, PPR Note Co. Dave shares why notes investing can prove to be an excellent option to traditional Wall Street investing, and reveals how you can earn better returns without taking on undue risks.

This show starts with Dave sharing the basics of notes investing. What are some primary factors that you should consider before investing in notes? And, can someone with zero prior experience also invest in notes? 

Next, we talk a bit about performing and non-performing notes, and reveal the best option for you. Listeners will also learn how to conduct a proper due diligence before investing in notes. 

Other topics discussed on this show are the advantages of investing in a notes fund, liquidity notes vs. income notes, expected returns, frequency of distributions and much, much more. 

Timestamped Shownotes:

  • 00:32 - What are notes? Pancham explains the nuances of notes investing in simple terms
  • 01:05 - Pancham welcomes Dave to the show
  • 03:03 - What attracted Dave to the notes investing in the first place?
  • 03:29 - What is a note?
  • 04:58 - Mortage vs. Note - Understanding the difference
  • 06:17 - Factors to consider before you start investing in notes
  • 09:33 - How can someone with zero experience start investing in notes?
  • 10:54 - Performing Notes vs. Non-Performing Notes - Which is the best option for you?
  • 11:53 - Can you invest in notes via the crowdfunding route?
  • 12:30 - What are some prominent platforms for buying and selling notes?
  • 13:48 - How to conduct due diligence while investing in performing notes
  • 14:58 - Dave shares how due diligence for a junior lien differs compared to due diligence for senior liens
  • 18:00 - What are some important factors that affect note pricing?
  • 20:54 - Can you invest in notes as a passive investor?
  • 21:30 - Can you run into compliance risks as a notes investor?
  • 22:13 - How can you mitigate risk and generate better returns by investing in a notes fund?
  • 22:40 - How does a liquidity notes fund work? What kind of returns can you earn?
  • 24:45 - What about income notes fund?
  • 25:52 - What is the frequency of distributions when you invest in a note? 


  • 29:06 - Taking the Leap Round


    • 29:17 - When was the first time you invested outside the Wall Street?
    • 32:35 - What fears did you have to overcome when you first invested outside of Wall Street?
    • 34:30 - Can you share one investment that did not go as expected?
    • 38:09 - What is one piece of advice that you would give to people who are thinking of investing outside the Wall Street?
  • 41:43 - Dave shares his contact information

3 Key Points:

  1. Understanding the BASICS of notes investing
  2. Performing Notes vs. Non-Performing Notes - Which is the best option for you?
  3. How to conduct a proper due-diligence before investing in notes

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