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The Gold Collar Investor

Sep 26, 2022

In today’s show, Pancham interviews Paul Moore - founder and managing partner of Wellings Capital, and author of Storing Up Profits: Capitalize on America's Obsession with STUFF by Investing in Self-Storage and The Perfect Investment: Create Enduring Wealth from the Historic Shift to Multifamily Housing.

Paul began investing in real estate after selling his company to a publicly traded firm. From speculating transactions to going as a full-time investor, the two-time finalist for Michigan Entrepreneur of the Year has launched investment and development firms and has completed over 100 commercial and residential investments and exits!

The ultimate investing rock star is ready to unpack his wealth of knowledge as he explains how he started his investing journey and how he got to where he is today. Don’t miss out as he shares his life lessons, principles, and the perfect wealth-building opportunities to look out for!

Listen and enjoy the show!



“I believe that the greatest wealth-building opportunities are always to those who patiently invest.”

Timestamped Shownotes:

  • 0:41 - Pancham introduces Paul to the show
  • 2:54 - From speculator to being a full-time real estate investor
  • 7:29 - Why he pivoted away from investing in multifamily properties
  • 15:48 - The perfect asset class for him that you can look out for
  • 18:28 - RV parks trends and why they are currently the best investment
  • 23:21 - On applying and learning from Warren Buffett's principles
  • 28:27 - How his morning routine helped with his productivity
  • 32:46 - Taking the Leap Round
  • 32:46 - Coffee makers and house flipping as his first investments
  • 34:48 - His fears when he first started house flipping in 2000
  • 36:16 - Why his 3 mobile home park investments did not work out
  • 39:04 - Why you should stay focused and invest with the best experts
  • 42:05 - How you can connect and get your free resources from Paul

3 Key Points:

  1. Investing in real estate properties outside Wall Street is one way to build wealth and earn high returns.
  2. There are many asset classes to watch for and invest in because current trends indicate that they could generate a lot of wealth in the near future.
  3. There is a significant increase in the production of RV parks and people who want to go camping thus, investing in RV parks is expected to yield promising returns.

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