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The Gold Collar Investor

Aug 8, 2022

In today’s show, Pancham interviews Brandon Schwab - founder of Boutique Senior Living Fund and Shepherd Premier Senior Living.

With 20+ years of operating in the boutique senior living asset class, Brandon is changing and improving the industry by providing a cozy and homey atmosphere, delivering quality care to the residents, and changing people's perceptions of how elderly care should be!

Learn how you can invest in the opportunity to change the future as he shares everything you need to know about the boutique senior living niche industry! He’ll also unpack his knowledge as he provides insights on how he brings quality care to the clients and how this asset class is a good addition to your investment portfolio.

Listen and enjoy the show!



“We are actively expanding and changing the industry of how people think of caring for the elderly today. We're turning it upside down.”

Timestamped Shownotes:

  • 0:39 - Pancham introduces Brandon to the show
  • 3:42 - From opening his first business to investing in boutique senior living
  • 7:03 - Changing the senior living industry through quality care and housing
  • 13:52 - On earning huge profits while only using a small amount of capital
  • 18:24 - Payment schemes and how vetting out his potential clients works
  • 24:10 - Marketing strategy that works for his investing niche
  • 26:47 - Active vs. passive investing in the senior living industry
  • 32:05 - Taking the Leap Round
  • 32:05 - His first investments after discovering real estate investing
  • 34:01 - Overcoming his analysis paralysis by quickly grabbing opportunities
  • 35:35 - Lessons learned from his investment that didn’t work out
  • 39:38 - Why you should start investing in the senior living asset class
  • 43:00 - How you can connect with Brandon and get your free 85-page eBook

3 Key Points:

  1. They’re changing how caring for the elderly is perceived by providing a cozy home atmosphere for them and a caregiver that would help cater to their needs.
  2. Investing in the boutique senior living industry is ideal as it is one of the top performing asset classes from 2005 through 2015.
  3. When investing in the senior living asset class, identify your strengths first then hire people for the other areas in order to get started.

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