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The Gold Collar Investor

Mar 2, 2020

In this episode, Pancham interviews Scott Lewis, CEO, and co-founder of Spartan Investment Group. Scott shares some little-known facts about RV Park investing, and reveals how you can generate excellent returns, both as a passive and active investor in this space.

This show starts off with Scott sharing his background information. Scott reveals how he discovered real estate, and then RV Parks. How did Scott end up investing in an RV Park in west Texas? Why did he take on a huge risk of investing in a thoroughly mismanaged RV Park? Scott reveals his experience with managing and turning around his investment. This show will be particularly interesting to investors who are looking for alternative investments which generate higher returns.

3 Key Points:

  1. Understanding the nuances of RV Park Investing
  2. RV Parks vs. Camp Grounds – What is the difference?
  3. How to invest passively in a RV Park

Timestamped Shownotes:

  • 00:48 – Can you generate good returns by investing in RV Parks?
  • 01:48 – Pancham introduces Scott Lewis of Spartan Investment Group to listeners
  • 02:58 – How did Scott discover real estate?
  • 03:27 – How did Scott’s first real estate investment pan out?
  • 04:08 – Scott recalls how he founded Spartan Investment Group
  • 05:22 – Can investing in RV Parks prove to be lucrative for you? 
  • 06:25 – Are RV Parks different from camp grounds?


  • 06:40 – Scott explains the different categories of RV Parks ranging from the high end to low
  • 07:31 – Do people stay in RV Parks throughout the year?
  • 08:35 – Is there a standard rating for a RV Park?
  • 10:48 – Learn some interesting details about a RV Park that Scott recently purchased in Western Texas
  • 12:26 – Scott explains the economics of an RV Park
  • 13:18 – Typically, what expenses does a RV Park owner bear?
  • 15:21 – What is the expense ratio for an RV Park?
  • 16:01 – How did Scott end up acquiring the RV Park in Western Texas?
  • 17:25 – What is cap rate? Pancham and Scott explain in simple terms
  • 20:27 – Is there a supply-demand mismatch in the RV Park space?
  • 22:11 – Can you invest in a RV Park through a syndication?
  • 23:08 – Taking the Leap


    • 23:10 – When was the first time you invested outside of the Wall Street? 
    • 24:03 – What fears had to overcome when you purchased your first investment property?
    • 26:10 – Can you share one investment that did not go as expected?
    • 29:05 – What is one piece of advice that you should give to people thinking of investing in the Main Street?
  • 30:19 – Scott shares his contact information
  • 30:48 – Discover the Top SIX reasons for diversifying outside of the Wall Street
  • 31:55 – Got questions? Get in touch with Pancham


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