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The Gold Collar Investor

Nov 29, 2021

In today’s show, Pancham interviews Dr. Felecia Froe - real estate syndicator, founder of Money With Mission, licensed urological surgeon, and host of Money With Mission Podcast.

Realizing that her mission is to change people’s lives through investing and not through medicine, she stepped away from her practice and helped empower people to achieve financial freedom. She shows that she is more than just a simple investor as she advocates for better health and wealth by investing in residential assisted living facilities, and providing food through vertical farms and grocery stores!

In this episode, she expounds how health is indeed wealth as she shares her journey in social impact investing and why it took 20 years to make that first step. She also unpacks her knowledge and insights about indoor farming, why she chooses to invest in it, and the positive domino effect of investing in asset classes that makes an impact so don’t miss out on this episode! 

Listen and enjoy the show!



“All these things that have come into my life made me realize that passive income is so necessary and I want to help people understand how to get it outside of their 401k or their RIA or whatever thing they have that's on Wall Street.”

Timestamped Shownotes:

  • 0:40 - Pancham introduces Dr. Felecia to the show
  • 2:14 - On making a social impact and changing people’s lives through investing
  • 8:07 - How she dealt with negativity and stress from her career shift 
  • 10:19 - The 2 most important factors when looking for investments
  • 12:46 - Indoor-controlled farming and its various perks to others
  • 21:38 - How the COVID-19 pandemic helped her focus on bigger goals
  • 23:08 - How her healthy routine helps her have a productive day
  • 25:56 - Taking the Leap Round
  • 25:56 - How her patient helped her through her first investment
  • 27:04 - On having no fears when she first invests outside of Wall Street
  • 27:41 - How her portfolio of properties didn’t work out as expected
  • 29:04 - Why investors should learn from someone who has experience
  • 30:24 - Where you can get her report “5 Things to Know Before You Invest in Social Impact”

3 Key Points:

  1. Passive income is important as it can help you have income streams even if you need to halt your work for a while due to other reasons.
  2. Bringing agriculture closer to people such as indoor-controlled farming would help improve the supply chain and help the earth as well.
  3. There are a lot of ways wherein you can invest and create a positive effect on people’s lives. It all just comes down to how you’ll implement it.

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