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The Gold Collar Investor

Jun 28, 2021

In today’s show, Pancham interviews Catherine Putney - economist and speaker at ITR Economics.

As a graduate of master’s degree in economics, she has proved her skills and has become one of the key members of ITR’s Leading Indicator Team. With her insights that helped with ITR Economics’ 94.7% accurate predictions, Catherine has been helping other investors to help reduce risk and create wise business decisions!

This episode will be jam-packed with insights as Catherine shares her forecasts on where the economy is going so we can prepare for what’s about to come. She will share how history is repeating itself with a 2030 Great Depression prediction, why there is inflation in asset prices, and why today is the best time to invest in real estate.

Listen and enjoy the show!



“I want you to be able to say “You know what? Let me go and do something a little bit differently that I hadn't thought about before.”

Timestamped Shownotes:

  • 3:58 - Pancham introduces Catherine to the show
  • 5:26 - Her background on helping others with her forecasting skills
  • 7:01 - Why the economy is slowly getting back on its feet
  • 11:46 - Her concerns in asset trends and why another Great Depression will happen
  • 19:50 - The overall economy trendline in the post-covid environment
  • 22:42 - Her prediction on the trends in interest rates
  • 24:39 - Where you can invest your money now (and why you should look out for other countries!)
  • 29:45 - How motivational speeches helped her to be productive
  • 32:47 - Taking the Leap Round
  • 32:47 - Househacking as her first investment
  • 33:53 - What she reminds herself whenever fears in investing arises
  • 34:58 - Her investment that didn’t worked out as expected
  • 35:57 - What investors should understand in the law of economics
  • 37:20 - Where you can connect with Catherine and ITR Economics

3 Key Points:

  1. Every industry reacts differently as it varies on the overall consumer behavior. You can have asset inflations in one type of industry while the other has oversupply.
  2. History could repeat itself as it is predicted that a Great Depression will happen in 2030. Although a depression is predicted, economic growth is also expected when you’re looking at the whole picture.
  3. Keep an eye on the economy in other countries as they would most likely be first affected by economic changes.

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