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The Gold Collar Investor

Apr 27, 2020

In today’s show, Pancham interview Kathy Fettke, Co-CEO of Real Wealth Network, Host of the Real Wealth Show and author of Retire Rich with Rentals.

Kathy shares with listeners some really interesting information about her investment in an 800-acre retreat in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. 

As more and more people flock to large US cities, existing infrastructure is proving to be woefully inadequate. Because of this, high net-worth individuals are desperately looking for alternative lifestyle options. Barely a 4-hour flight from the United States, Costa Rica is well-placed to cater to this growing demand.

So, how can you invest in Kathy’s real estate development? Can you expect to earn good returns? Kathy gives us a peek into the incredible lifestyle that you can enjoy if you own a holiday home at this stunning location. We hope you enjoy this show. 

Tune in for some excellent insights!  

Timestamped Shownotes:

  • 01:52 – Kathy's background information
  • 03:05 – Why did Kathy zero in on Costa Rica as an investment destination?
  • 05:23 – How did Kathy manage to get the local community on board for their grounds up development?
  • 05:57 – Kathy shares how the stunning locale and holistic, community living make Costa Rica an ideal retreat destination
  • 07:13 – Are major US cities running facing a scarcity of essential resources?
  • 08:03 – What is the price range for investment homes at the Costa Rica retreat?
  • 09:00 – How can you invest in Kathy’s Costa Rica development?
  • 09:22 – How a glamping set up is helping generate additional cash flow 
  • 11:28 – How did Kathy fund this property development?
  • 13:45 – Is there demand for rental homes at the retreat?
  • 17:28 - Taking the Leap Round
  • 17:28 - When was the first time you invested outside of Wall Street?
  • 19:30 - What fears did you have to overcome when you first invested outside Wall Street?
  • 20:26 - What was one investment that did not go as expected?
  • 21:48 - What is one piece of advice that you would give to people who are thinking of investing in the Main Street?
  • 22:50 - Kathy shares her contact information

3 Key Points:

  1. How to invest in a Costa Rica retreat
  2. How high net-worth Americans are looking for a safe and alternative lifestyle in Costa Rica
  3. How to raise rental income by investing in a Costa Rica property

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